The Blue Spot Baby Changing Bag by Sophia & Matt
  • The Blue Spot Baby Changing Bag
  • The Wild Floral Baby Changing Bag
  • The Spot Deconstruct Baby Changing Bag
  • The Stripe Baby Changing Bag
  • The Big Spot Baby Changing Bag
baby changing bags designed by sophia & matt, greenwich

If you’re looking for something exclusive and appreciate high quality products designed in London by two people that genuinely care about their customers then you’ll love the latest additions to the Sophia & Matt Changing Bag range.

The Big Spot Baby Changing Bag

The Sophia & Matt Changing Bag

Our Changing Bags are made to an exceptionally high standard. We’ve been designing and making Changing Bags for over eight years now. For the first five years we designed, hand cut and made them by hand at our East London Design Studio before selling them in person, directly to our customers in Greenwich. We understand what you need from your Changing Bag and have carefully designed every element based on years of feedback. So on to the details...

Compare Changing Bags

Classic or New Collection?

We have two collections of Changing Bags: Our new Spring / Summer 2014 Collection (pictured left) and the Classic Collection (pictured right). Compare features and prices here.

  • The Small Green Spot Baby Changing Bag
  • The Purple Spot Baby Changing Bag
  • The 70s Floral Green Baby Changing Bag
  • The Small Red Spot Baby Changing Bag
  • The Ginkgo Floral Baby Changing Bag


This is a bag that you will be using and relying on every day for the next few years and we want you to relax in the knowledge that if anything happens to your bag we’ll either repair it to a good as new standard or replace it immediately. We guarantee our Changing Bags for a year as standard and offer a lifetime guarantee on all of the zips on our products.

Postage & Returns

We offer free postage on all of our Changing Bags within the UK. If you find that our Changing Bag is not right for you simply post it back to us here and get a full refund.

Leather Mini Strap + Adjustable Strap

What’s Included?

With each of our Changing Bags we include a large padded changing mat and two styles of detachable strap, a long adjustable body strap and two specially designed leather buggy straps.

Changing Bag Design


It’s not a case of simply designing a big bag with an adjustable strap; there’s a delicate balance to be achieved between form and function. A changing bag needs to be large enough to fit everything you need for a day out with the baby, but not so big that it becomes obtrusive, heavy and ugly. The problem with making a big bag is that it loses its subtlety and becomes clumsy looking. We spent a lot of time designing and making dozens of bag "shells" (just the outside bit) trying to find a shape that would provide lots of room inside, look small on the outside, retain it’s shape and look good too. Our bag has beautiful curves on the corners, no hard edges, the sides taper in gently towards the top and the base becomes much wider at the bottom providing you with plenty of room inside and a stable base.

Pockets, we LOVE pockets

If you were to personally ask me about pockets I’d tell you that my front pocket is for my debit card and my back pocket is for my phone. The other two are spare and Sophia’s handbag is for everything else. But it doesn’t quite work that way when it comes to Changing Bags. If you’re out and about with your baby everything needs to have it’s own place and you need to get to what you’re looking for quickly and easily. There are 9 pockets in total in our Changing Bag. There’s a wide zip pocket across the front and across the back you’ll find a wide slip pocket designed to fit your changing mat for easy access. There’s a bottle pocket on either side that opens and closes effortlessly with concealed magnetic snaps and on the inside you’ll find a large zip pocket for your personal belongings, a wide slip pocket in case you want to store your changing mat inside and three bottle / pouch pockets. We also include a key clip so you that don’t have to go digging for your keys when your bag is full.

A Matching Changing Mat Included

The Changing Mat

Each one of our Changing Bags comes with a large padded Changing Mat. And this is important! We’ve lived in London our entire lives and if there’s one thing we know; you do not want your baby touching anything if he or she needs to be changed anywhere in public anywhere in London. Ever. So when we sat down to design the changing mat we only needed to answer two questions. One: How big is a baby? And two: What’s the thickest padding we can use whilst still being able to fold the changing mat easily. The result is a generously large changing mat that can either fold up and fit inside your bag or slip into the back pocket for quick and easy access.

Which Buggies Are They Designed To Fit?

We designed our Changing Bag to fit perfectly on a single buggy and have tested our bags with all of the current popular buggies including those from, Bugaboo, Quinny, Maclaren and Phil & Ted. The included leather mini straps attach onto the bars of your stroller preventing it from sliding down and getting in the way of your feet.

Keep Your Bag Looking New

Our Changing Bag is easy to keep clean. The hard‐wearing coated canvas on the outside repels water and wipes clean easily. All of our pockets are lined with our signature olive green waterproof lining and the lining in the main body of the bag pulls out allowing you to wipe it clean easily.


Choosing the right Changing Bag is important. If you’re able to make it to our shop in Greenwich please feel free to bring your push chair along with you and try out one of our Changing Bags. You’re also welcome to bring along some of the items you’re planning on carrying with you and see how it all fits into one of our bags. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

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