Open Studiom II...

What's Going On?

We're opening our East London Design Studio as part of the Trinity Buoy Wharf open night in December. We're going to be selling our products from our Studio, and offering some special Chistmas discounts. Our entire product range will be available to purchase directly from us. (And a few new things too!)

Please feel free to invite as many people as you like, quite a few of the creative companies on site will be open for you to do some Christmas shopping, chances are you'll find some unusual gifts here. If you've already done your shopping, come down anyway for a drink and a wander, it'll be a fun night.

Who Will be Open?

sophia & matt – Studio M, Container City II, Aluna, Maude Milton, Ram Shergill, Ian Felton, Red Indian Rock Skool, Fat Boy’s Diner, Gillian Burrows, Diane Davies, Zahira’s Boudor, Ni-Co, Seventeen Events, Jam, Thang Tho, Libby Rose, Dickie & Marcin, John Dominic Fox, Tony Smith, Carrie Aucott & Kevin Stewart, Norma Vondee, Pat Hennegan, Simon Atkins, Murray Bately, Jason Armstead, Derek & Jesse Seaward, Time Art.


Open Studiom II

We're opening our design Studio on the 10th of December to the public for an evening of Christmas shopping and drinks! →

  • when: 10 / December / 2008
  • where: Trinity Buoy Wharf
  • stand: Studio M
  • web: official website