The Thames Festival 2009...

This will be our third year at the Thames Festival. We only do a hand full of shows and events each year and this event is by far one of our favourites. The last two years have been great, we've been lucky with the weather – always hot and sunny, trade has been fantastic, and there's some seriously good food on offer down at the National Theatre end, which means Matt can spend the entire weekend eating every couple of hours. This year we will have two stalls, one outside the Tate Modern which will be staffed, and one outside the National Theatre which is where you will find us! This really is an extremely well organised event, and for us that means we can simply turn up, set up, eat, drink and enjoy the weekend. Good Stuff.

The Official Blurb:

The Mayor's Thames Festival is a spectacular, free celebration of London and its river. Taking place over the middle weekend in September between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge, the festival brings Londoners together in the very heart of the capital to dance, make sculptures, listen to music, watch movies, drink, eat, enjoy performances, sing, play on the beach, sail on the Thames and party in the streets.

people couldn't wait to download the Thames Festival Route Map and plan a visit to our stalls, good job guys!

The Thames Festival 2009

1,000,000 Londoners and Visitors eating, drinking, and buying nice things. It's one of the best way to spend a weekend in London! →

  • when: 12 + 13 / Sep / 2009
  • where: London (River Thames)
  • stand: Location 3 + 6
  • web: official website