Spirit of Summer 2010...

Our Stand at Spirit of Summer Fair 2010

This is the second time we'll be exhibiting at this show, we really enjoy this event and are both looking forward to it! This year we're going to be introducing some new products, we're not going to say too much at this point but one of the products we'll be introducing this year is the "ultimate most beautiful baby changing bag." We're not certain if that's the name we're going to stick with (it's a work in progress) but it's a pretty nice looking bag! Our customers have been asking us to do a baby changing bag for a long time (years), but we've never felt ready to do it properly, to a standard and quality of design that we are happy with, we genuinely believe that if we're going to do something then it's got to be done right, rather than rush something out to meet a demand, or to make some money. We started seriously talking about, and planning the baby changing bag last spring, it's been something we've been working on for a long time, and we're really proud of the end result (and it's entirely, and beautifully made in London).

The Official Blurb:

Brimming with a wealth of exciting companies, the Fair is beautifully staged in London's Grand Hall, Olympia. Find a collection of boutique brands to style your summer wardrobe, decorate your home, host a beautiful garden party and meet exceptional fine food and wine connoisseurs. Enjoy the seasons most diverse and desirable products from the names you love, and some you're about to discover.

Spirit of Summer 2010

The second time we'll be exhibiting at this show, we really enjoy this show and are both looking forward to it! →

  • when: 13 – 16 / May / 2010
  • where: Kensington, Olympia
  • stand: C23
  • web: official website