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Oyster Card Holders by Sophia & Matt
Quite Nice Oyster Card Holders, Designed by sophia & matt — Greenwich, London

Something a Little Different

Since we started our company back in 2005, we've only ever exclusively worked with fabrics — we're used to designing shapes, cutting, sewing and sampling at our studio, spending weeks or months carving out a a single product. With these little card holders the process was entirely different, we were offered an opportunity by a friend of ours to join a print run they were doing with card holders (these are printed and stamped plastic made here in the UK), this was a great opportunity – the only problem was that he needed the artwork fast, and we were in the middle of exhibiting at The Spirit of Summer. On the last day of the deadline, we rushed back to the studio after the event and produced the first six designs from scratch in just under an hour.

The Purple Stripe Oyster Card Holder by Sophia & Matt

We really enjoyed the design process, despite our friend getting fidgety and muttering something about print deadlines and it being 11 o'clock at night.

We kept the design process brief, it seemed like it was the fair thing to do. Generally we like to spend hours agonising over details, readjusting the curve on the side of a bag a 1,000 times or spending 3 hours discusing the merits of a 10cm spot verses a 12cm spot, you know, the important stuff.

On this occassion we were working to somebody elses deadline, we had hardly any time to agonise over the details which felt plain wrong and kind of reminded us of how we used to work during our degrees, we'd get a brief with a two week deadline, then spend two weeks socialising and doing things that students do, and then pull an all-nighter the day before the crit. Easy. We decided to keep the designs simple, opting for bold colours and geometric patterns. We produced the designs entirely in Adobe Illustrator and gave them a couple of final colour tweaks in Adobe Photoshop before emailing them off —asking for a print proof may have come off a little rude under the circumstances so we left the whole "colour accuracy" thing in the hands of the print gods, and they were good to us! We're both really pleased with how they turned out and we hope you like them too!

The Environmental Thing To Do...

If your card holder wears out, or you decide that you fancy a different print, please send it back to us, we'll recycle it for you and we'll give you 50% off a shiny new one! Your old card holder will probably get turned into a plastic bottle or one of those difficult to open sealed plastic packages that kitchen knives come in, or maybe another Oyster Card Holder, I actually don't know for certain.

Quick Look...

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