We're Smarta 100 Finalists...


Thank you to everyone that voted for us! We were voted 50th out of the top 100 small business in the UK, which is pretty good for two people that started out on a market stall!

Here's the original article published in September 2011...

We're finalists in the Smarta 100 small business awards!

According to the Smarta website "The Smarta 100 is a celebration of the most resourceful original and disruptive small businesses in the UK" and we've been selected to be in the final 100! Here's what the organisers say about us on our entry page:

"For a handmade textile company, Sophia and Matt has a very scientific approach to sales. Since inception, every product sold has been recorded and crunched, enabling the founders to work out exactly what fabrics do well and in what styles. This has led to a very lean buying strategy - handy, when you're down to your last £50 to buy new stock. But the firm is founded on prudence: it was launched with just £15 and a bag of unwanted zips. They decorated and fitted out the shop with their own hard labour. Co-founder Matt Savage built the whole Sophia & Matt ecommerce platform himself. The technophile of the pair, he has also developed a private iPhone app so that the founders can keep on top of live sales data from anywhere. Business has flourished under this strategy, growing steadily through reinvested profits."

You can go online here and visit our page (smarta.com). Click that big pink voting button! It literally takes 5 seconds, they need a name and an email address. Please vote, comment and click the little like button, we would really appreciate it!

Oh and we should also mention...

You can vote for us at our shop: 28 Greenwich Church Street, London, SE10 9BJ.. We've got an iPad set up at the till that you can use to register your vote. So go online or stop by at the shop. Please remember that your vote is only registered once the big pink vote button goes grey! It should be obvious but their voting dooby is a little buggy and we've had a couple of people ask about it.