Four and a half years and our first shop...

It's been a while

almost a month since we last wrote an update, and with good reason too — we've been working on a few things that we haven't been able to announce until we were realistically close to finishing, we're getting there, the last few months have been really tough and at times outright ugly, but finally, here's some fun stuff to look forward to!

Our first shop

(28, Greenwich Church Street, London SE10) We're unbelievably excited! We've had our stall at Greenwich Market for roughly four and a half years. We started our business with a couple of meters of fabric and some zips that were kindly given to us by a family friend and we can hardly believe that we are about to open our first shop just six months before our fifth anniversary in business! Moving into a shop will enable us to continue growing, we have a product range that we're really proud of and many product ideas that have never been seen at our Greenwich Market Stall — products that were either too big, too weird or too hard to display will now be a key part of our new product range.

Opening our first shop will be an opportunity for us to separate ourselves from the everyday generic stuff you see everywhere on the high street and afford us the chance to stretch our creativity as far as it will go. Our background was originally in art — we studied / practiced art for 3 years prior to our degrees, it's something that's part of us and we approach everything we do from that stand point, the space in the shop will allow us to introduce some experimental products that we don't currently have room to display.

We've been hand making our products here in London

for nearly 5 years, we sell our products directly and in person, we listen to every word of feedback we get from our customers and are obsessed with improving our existing products and love creating new ones. We're proud to be producing our products here in London, and are really looking forward to showing you something different and basically just enjoying what we do.

Our shop will primarily carry products designed and produced by us, after a lot of thought we have decided that will not be introducing products from other companies, we want to focus on building our identity and we have have some really beautiful clothing, print design and furniture design that we want to introduce towards the end of the year (these are some of the things we were never able to bring to our Stall at Greenwich). There will be some occasional exceptions. Many — if not all — of our friends own creative companies and we couldn't resist bringing in some products that we really love from some of our friends, it's still too early to announce the details but we have selected a small collection of beautifully designed products that compliment our range.

We'll post more about the shop shortly before we open.