Travel & Gym Accessories

Stripe Large Wash Bag

Mainline Toiletry Bags, £45

A luxury toiletry bag designed to fit full size toiletries. Finished with chocolate brown leather zip pulls, smooth sliding antique gold finish zips and our signature dark olive green water resistant lining. On the outside you have a wide fully lined zip pocket and inside you'll find another two pouch pockets wide enough for a toothbrush.

Spot Deconstruct Large Wash Bag

Classic Large Wash Bags, £19

Our Classic Large Wash Bag is designed for people on the go. Inside is fully lined with a pull out and easy to wipe clean water resistant lining. Our Wash Bag is large enough to fit full size toiletries and the flexible design means that it fits easily into your backpack or suitcase when space is at a premium making this the perfect travel or gym accessory.

For Toiletries & Cosmetics

Mainline Toiletry Bags, £35

A compact, beautifully tapered, toiletry bag perfect for an overnight stay with plenty of room for makeup, small toiletry items and a toothbrush. A fully lined internal pocket keeps small items such as eyebrow pencils and compact mirrors secure. Inside is lined with a deep olive green waterproof lining that’s easy to keep clean and dry.

Spot Deconstruct Large Wash Bag

Classic Small Wash Bags, £14

Our classic small wash bag is one of our favourite everyday products. It was one of the first products we made over 9 years ago and has been a bestseller ever since. It’s lightweight and small enough to carry in your day bag for your makeup, and large enough for your toothbrush and some toiletries on an overnight stay.

Mainline Makeup Bags, £25

Ohashi Makeup Bag

Classic Makeup Bags, £12

Wild Floral Makeup Bag